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Gino Bensi is designer and creator of XCONCEPT. He comes from Tuscany and he draws his inspiration from the many travels around the world. Bali island especially inspired the development of a strong creative impulse and influences with its culture and roots the brand life-breath. In Bali for the first time is conceived “the x concept” – concept of life and style that will be the basis of every collection. Brand DNA is based on recurring symbols such as the journey beyond the borders, freedom without constraints, a peculiar originality.

SANS by Vaso Benai
Cavali Class
Mummy's Boyfriend

Our aim is to create convenient clothes, without discriminations, bags for all times of the day and accessories that address all ages. Our purpose is to let you love our creations in the same way we do. This is work made with a lot of love and tremendous attention on every product separately.

It is our personal need to create handmade clothes that shall be worn from morning to the evening. So we create and you complement our work.


HIGH - By Claire Campbell

Design, Quality and Utility are the three core brand values cited by HIGH’s British designer, “modern couturier” Claire Campbell, who is recognized as a leading creative talent in contemporary clothing design.

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